LinkedIn’s Biggest Publishers – October 2013

Last week, NewsWhip brought you the top viral publishers on social media, ranked by total Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest interactions. Today, let’s take a look at whose media is getting shared most on LinkedIn.

First, the ranking. From our data on Spike, here’s the breakdown of the most shared publishers:

LinkedIn describe themselves as ‘the world’s largest professional network’, with over 259 million members worldwide. The site prides itself as somewhere that members can connect with other professionals in their field, and where business connections are made and flourish.

This CV and business interaction network has nowhere near as much sharing activity as Facebook, and also trails well behind Twitter. However, the most shared content on LinkedIn is almost all related to the areas that users are professionally interested in. In short, while LinkedIn’s share count may be minuscule when compared to Facebook’s listicle-dominated timelines, it appears to be a very high value audience.

The differences between LinkedIn and Facebook’s top publishers are pretty clearcut. Gone are the funnies, the listicles and the ‘uplifting’ content so ubiquitous across Facebook. Upworthy and BuzzFeed are nowhere to be seen, while partisan sites such as The Blaze and Think Progress (who have strong Facebook followings) are equally absent.

Instead, we’re left with a heavily business and tech focussed top 20, with the likes of Forbes, Mashable and the Wall Street Journal. Stalwarts such as the Huffington Post, the New York Time, CNN and the Guardian also maintain a strong run of form.

Forbes is by far the best performer, with over 220,000 shares for content published during October. This places the site well ahead of the likes of nearest competitors Mashable, the New York Times and the BBC.

Another interesting aspect to LinkedIn’s numbers is the strong presence of tech sites such as Mashable, GigaOm and TechCrunch. Indeed, Mashable performance brings it right up to number two overall, a position they also hold in the Twitter ranking. These sites are a clearly indicate the more popular professions amongst LinkedIn’s members.

One site which makes a strong impact on LinkedIn while being nowhere near the top 20 on Facebook is the decidedly niche Harvard Business Review. With just 195 articles in October, the HBR managed to pick up an impressive 58,000+ interactions, indicating a healthy degree of respect for their commerce-focused writing.

Overall, LinkedIn’s statistics give us a very interesting insight into what the businesspeople of the English speaking world are reading and sharing.

Next on the blog, we’re going to be looking at Pinterest’s figures, as well as a host of other interesting angles thrown up by our data trawl for last month. All figures come from Spike, our pro content discovery tool, which helps journalists and marketers all over the world find fascinating stories before anyone else.

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